Metal Braces


Get your braces with all the colors you can imagine!  Our metal braces utilize the most modern technologies in the field of Orthodontics to help make sure you have the most efficient treatment possible.

Ceramic (Tooth-Colored) Braces


Ceramic Braces offer a more discrete option for treatment.  With the clear "tooth colored" braces, it is easy to have braces even if you aren't interested in the traditional braces look.

Invisalign® (Clear Aligner Therapy)

Invisalign® provides the same great outcome of normal braces, except by using a series of clear "aligners".  These aligners are custom designed to your teeth and can give you the perfect smile you are looking for without any braces or wires. Even if you have been told you may not be a candidate for Invisalign in the past, we stay up to date with all the most modern improvements and would be happy to reevaluate if Invisalign is right for you.

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